1.0.4. Normal update

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1.0.4. Normal update

Post by Warfield CEO on Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:49 am

1.0.4. Normal update

5/14/2016: Version 1.0.4. of the card game released.
- Added the "Range" icon on the cards.
- Increased Footsoldier's cost to 3 (+50%).
- Decreased Knight's cost to 5 (-16%).
- Increased Archer's cost to 3 (+50%).
- Healers can now attack, but you have to choose between heal or attack. They can also now heal other Healers but cannot revive them.
- Decreased Bomber's cost to 9 (-10%).
- Players now start with 15 points to buy starting cards (+25%).
- Added Prince.
-Added a new game mode called Lucky Blast. There are now two different game modes: Classic and Lucky Blast. Classic is normal, and in Lucky Blast, you deal cards until the deck is out, then you fight.
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