1.1.0. "Troop Update"

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1.1.0. "Troop Update"

Post by Warfield CEO on Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:54 am

1.1.0. "Troop Update"

5/13/2017: Version 1.1.0. of the card game released. It is called the "Troop Update", because it added 13 new troops and re-added 2 troops.
- Added Mages, Grenadiers, Rangers, Pistoleers, Swordsmen, Wizards, Marksmen, Riflemen, Lancers, Samurais, Guardsmen, Revivers, and Cannoneers.
- Re-added Persons and Musketeers.
- Removed Snipers and Princes.
- There are now two copies of each card.
- Changed the "ATK" icon to "DMG".
- Footsoldiers: HP decreased to 7 (-22%), Cost increased to 4 (+100%), and Point decreased to 2 (-33%).
- Knights: HP decreased to 8, Cost increased to 5, and Point decreased to 2.
- Archers: Cost increased to 4, and Range decreased to 2.
- Increased Healer's HP to 7.
- Bombers: Damage decreased to 7, Cost decreased to 5, and Point increased to 2.
- Warlocks: HP increased to 9, Damage increased to 5, and Point increased to 3.
- Changed the Footsoldier, Knight, Archer, and Warlock's card image.
- Players now start with 20 points to buy starting cards.
- Removed Warlock's heal option.
- Healers cannot revive anymore, and they can heal things that are right in front or behind of them, since their Rang is 2. Revivers can revive, though.
- Removed Healer's attack option.
- Added a new game mode: Teams. You will need 4 players, and 2 players are on each team. They have to combine their points to buy cards and have one army together.
-Classic mode is now when two players fight, and Free For All mode is now when 3 or 4 players fight. In Free For All mode, players have to choose one person to attack at a time, but teaming up on one person is not allowed.
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